We have four houses in our school:

• Blue - Oak

• Red - Ash

• Yellow - Chestnut

• Green - Sycamore

During the year we have intra competitions that count towards an end of year trophy.
Blue Team/Oak
House were the overall winners at Sports Day 2022.

December 2022. The Sports Crew has been busy this term! We had our first meeting and decided upon a timetable for the crew to visit KS1 to help with our Personal Best Challenge. They have worked hard with the younger children this term. Thank you Sports Crew!

October 2022

Introducing our girls footie team - our very own lionesses.

September 28th 2022

Gold, gold, gold galore this afternoon as 20 of our budding Year 5 and 6 runners went all out at the annual cross country event. 10 schools turned up, 13 teams took part in both boys and girls, and Rocks Park came out ON TOP! Lots of individual success as well as team success. We are all so proud of our athletes!!

Introducing our Sports Crew for 2022/23.

They will be responsible for arranging games for both playgrounds during lunchtimes, keeping our sports equipment in tip top condition and ensuring fair play throughout the school.

Well done.

Our team came 4th in their first tournament of the year and played very well, with 6 0-0s!

We also salute the last years year 6s and their efforts for fundraising for our new kit which looks pretty stylish! They did a penalty shoot out.

We are very proud to be the holders of a School Games Gold Mark.

January 2022

Well done to our netball team for their first tournament of the year. The y5/y6 team did really well and learned lots in their first match.

Uckfield Primary Schools Cross Country first round - September 2021.

Our runners did amazingly well. Out of 11 teams we came first overall. With a second place for the boys A team and a second place for the girls A team plus individual achievements: (Girls) Ellie came 2nd out of 90 runners, Kitty came 3rd, (Boys) Elyott came 2nd out of 90 runners and William came 6th.

Most of our A team runners have got through to the next round in November! Great results yesterday.

After school Running Club.

An amazing effort from the Race for Life club, some even managing over 4km! They should all be extremely proud of themselves for raising £1027

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.

What are the key criteria?

Each School Games Mark application is divided into four sets of questions. They cover the following basic topics...

  • Participation - how many young people at your school are being engaged in sporting activity?

  • Competition - how many different sports are being played and how many competitions are being entered?

  • Workforce - how many pupils are involved in leadership activities alongside taking part in competitions?

  • Clubs - how many local links does your school have with clubs or establishments from the area?

We hold a gold mark.