At Rocks Park  Primary School it is our intent for the Geography curriculum to inspire our pupils with curiosity, fascination and a greater understanding and knowledge of the world around them, along with their place in it. Our teaching will enable the pupils to build and broaden their knowledge about a diverse range of places, people, environments, both human and physical, and will enable them to develop skills that are transferable to other areas of the curriculum.  Geography is an investigative subject, which develops the children’s concepts, knowledge and skills and we aim for them to grow in confidence and practical skills through local fieldwork studies within our grounds and local area. We seek to inspire children to question, be curious and develop their own ability to explain how the earth’s human and physical features are shaped, interconnected and change over time. 

High quality geography teaching is delivered through our topics that are taught in dual year groups on a two year cycle. These topics can be found in the long term planning and teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills on a geography progression map to ensure coverage. Teachers plan together on a termly basis and give consideration to progression within the two year group,  how to enable greater challenge and how learners can be supported. Teachers work hard to plan for cross curricular links within our learning journey which will illustrate links with, for example, literacy, science and history. Our local area, including the beautiful school grounds, Lake Wood and Uckfield town centre are fully used to achieve desired outcomes, where working outside the classroom is an instrumental part of our practice. 

The impact of our Geography curriculum is assessed in a number of ways: questioning during lesson time, marking children’s written work, listening to child-led discussion, pupil voice, book looks and using images or videos of children’s practical learning.

By the end of the Geography curriculum at Rocks Park, our children will:

Geography National Curriculum.pdf
Key Geographical Concepts & Skills progression map.pdf