At Rocks Park Primary school, it is our intent to provide high quality science education both in knowledge and skills, giving our pupils the foundations they need to see the relevance of science in every aspect of their daily lives and to see the links between science and all other subjects we study.

We embrace the natural curiosity of children, encouraging and developing their questioning skills and allowing them to lead investigations on topics they are interested in. We want our pupils to develop an inquisitive attitude to the world they are growing up and living in and to equip them with problem solving tools to help them navigate their futures.

With the backbone of the ASE planning documents that we use to support progression, our curriculum has been designed and is delivered with careful thought to our cohorts of children, our local environment and our school science vision, which we developed between pupils and teaching staff.

We strive to ensure that our curriculum evolves to include current scientific issues and the work of scientists working in various fields today as well as the work of historical scientists. Science is viewed as a constantly evolving subject where new knowledge is always being learnt and new skills always being developed and honed.

Diversity is an important part of our curriculum and we aim to represent a vast array of scientists throughout our programme of study and we invite STEM ambassadors in, representing all walks of life, to talk to and inspire our pupils.

We balance disciplinary and substantive knowledge in our planning and delivery, and we make the different enquiry types explicit in our lessons, allowing the children to develop language to discuss what they are doing.

We are members of an active, local school scientific community and help organise and participate in local town scientific events and competitions to build our network.

With this approach, we aim for our pupils to be critical thinkers and questioners who are able to plan appropriate enquiry types to answer their questions and use the breadth of knowledge they have gained across their time at primary to understand their world and apply that knowledge to other aspects of life.

We hope to provide a solid, thorough base of scientific knowledge to be built upon as they move on to secondary and most importantly for our pupils to see science as something for them, for science to be seen as accessible for all.


“Science knows not country, because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch that illuminates the world.” – Louis Pasteur

To find out more about how Science is taught in each year group please visit our class pages and look at the medium term planning. 

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