School day

8.35am – 8:45am Gates Open

8:45am Register

9.05am – 9.25am (Mon / Fri) Morning Assembly

10.30am / 10.45am Playtime for infants / juniors

12.00pm- 1.00pm Lunchtime for Rec / Y1

12.15pm - 1.15pm Lunchtime for Y2 – Y6

2.30pm - 2.40pm Playtime for Infants only (flexible)

2.45pm - 3.00pm (Tues / Thurs) Afternoon Assembly

3.15pm End of school day

Total time 32.5 hours

Please avoid sending your child to arrive before 8.35am since no responsibility can be accepted before that time.

The morning attendance register will be taken between 8.45am and 9.00am. The doors close at 9.00am and any child arriving after that will need to enter via the main entrance and register at the school office.

Please make sure that you have completed the collection arrangements form if someone other than a parent is collecting your child after school.

Collection Arrangements 2021.pdf

After school clubs -

Please ensure your child/ren are aware of their collection arrangements at the end of their club.

Siblings are not permitted to wait at school while clubs are taking place.

If a club is cancelled, we will try to inform parents asap via email, phone call or text message.