School uniform

Exciting news! 

You can purchase our school uniform from two suppliers. 


You can now shop at for a fantastic online shopping experience and simple ordering. 

Your local high street store has re-opened under the Monkhouse name where you’ll be able to find all your uniform essentials as usual. Check updated opening times at"

Their shop is based in Haywards Heath and, as well as an online service, you are able to visit their shop in order to try on clothes should you wish. 


You can shop online at 

This company give back a percentage of their profits to Rocks Park every year. 

We are very aware of the current economic situation and we have regular second hand uniform sales run by our Friends of the School Association. Please email them: 

School Uniform

We favour the wearing of school uniform as it gives a sense of belonging and helps to give a standard of smartness and discipline. Please see our School Uniform policy here.

The only item of uniform that must be branded is our school jumper. You can purchase this from Monkhouse Schoolwear. 

The headteacher reserves the right to refuse items of clothing, footwear or jewellery, which are inappropriate, dangerous or against the interest of the children at large. Any earrings worn may only be of the stud variety, these should be removed for PE. No other items of jewellery are permitted. 

Children should wear black shoes - heel height less than 1.5 inches/4cm.


Mobile phones are not allowed in school. We make an exception for Year 5 and 6 children but their phone must be handed in at the beginning of the day and it will be kept in the school office during the school day.

School-Uniform-Policy 2022.pdf

Spare Uniform

If your child has been sent home in spare uniform, please ensure that it is washed and returned ASAP. We only have limited supply to offer in case of accidents.