At Rocks Park Primary School, it is our intent to provide a PE curriculum that provides our children with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle. This includes promoting physical literacy, developing fundamental movement skills, and fostering social and emotional learning. Our PE curriculum involves creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages engagement and participation. This includes teaching methods and strategies to cater to different learning styles, providing opportunities for our children at Rocks Park to practise and apply the skills in different contexts. We offer a varied and progressive curriculum that can positively influence the children’s physical, mental, social and emotional health, enabling lifelong participation and enjoyment. It can lead to increased physical activity levels, improved motor skills, enhanced self esteem and better academic performance. Additionally, PE at Rocks Park can contribute to the development of a positive school culture and community, where all involved respect and celebrate each other.

To find out more about how PE is taught in each year group please see the medium term planning below.

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Volleyball Y4.pdf
Volleyball Y2.pdf
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Basketball Y3.pdf
Volleyball Y6.pdf