Mathematics is essential to everyday life as adults. It supports our understanding of our own financial literacy and is needed in many future professions. We hope that through effective Mathematics teaching at Rocks Park we enable our pupils to have many more opportunities in later life. In accordance with the National Curriculum our aims are that children leave us with the ability to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, be able to reason mathematically and be able to use their mathematical ability to solve problems and seek solutions.

In order to achieve this we have adopted the Mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Resources from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and White Rose Maths have supported us in planning and delivering mathematics teaching which enables children to learn through interactive and engaging lessons. We use concrete and pictorial resources in order to support children to apply mathematics in an abstract context. There is a strong focus on reasoning (explaining how you know) in mathematics and on learning key facts such as multiplication tables and addition facts.

To find out more about how Mathematics is taught in each year group please visit our class pages and look at the medium term planning.

Maths Curriculum Plan Rocks Park.pdf

Maths at Rocks Park:

Please encourage your child to use Numbots or TT Rockstars at home .

Rocks Park Calculation Policy.pdf
Number Facts for Years 1 and 2.pdf
Mathematics National Curriculum.pdf
The Essence of Maths Teaching for Mastery june 2016.pdf

If you want to support your child at home then please have a look at the documents below for hints, tips and information to help you

Place value.pdf
'App'solutely Marvellous Maths online.pdf
Y4 Numeracy booklet for parents 2019.pdf
Y6 Fabulous Fractions.pdf

Progression Maps in the Early Years


Key Stage 1 and 2 Progression Maps 

1 Progression Map Place Value.pdf
2 Progression Map Addition and Subtraction.pdf
3 Progression Map Multiplication and Division Reasoning F v2.pdf
4 Progression Map Fractions.pdf