At Rocks Park, we strive to instil a love of history in all of our students by teaching them about the events, people, societies, and cultures that shaped Britain and the world we live in today.

Our curriculum encourages students to think critically and independently about historical events while emphasising the importance of historical change and continuity, cause and effect and similarities and differences. We hope to develop students' historical knowledge, skills, and understanding in an engaging, meaningful, and relevant manner to make history come alive.

At Rocks Park, history is taught within our learning journeys so that the context supports children's attainment of knowledge and understanding. Topics are carefully chosen to reflect the world's diverse history and the experiences of different cultures in a way that is relevant, inclusive, accessible, and engaging.

Teachers across the school use a variety of teaching methods and resources to help students learn, understand and interpret the past. We sift through arguments, weigh evidence, and draw conclusions through the use of primary and secondary sources and active hands-on activities. We look at and enhance learning and understanding through educational visits and visitors and debate and discussions. Children at Rocks Park have opportunities to develop their research skills and present their findings in a variety of ways throughout the school.

By the end of their primary school journey, children leaving Rocks Park will have a stronger understanding of the past and its impact on the present. Alongside this they will have the ability to critically analyse historical events and sources with confidence and use their historical knowledge to make informed decisions about the world around them. This in turn leads to a stronger sense of identity, community, and citizenship.

Knowledge and Skills: The teaching of History at Rocks Park will help students to develop a range of historical knowledge and skills, including:

  Knowledge of key events, people, and societies from different periods of history

  Understanding of historical change and continuity over time

  Ability to interpret and analyze primary and secondary sources

  Ability to evaluate historical arguments and perspectives

  Ability to research, organize, and present historical information in a clear and concise manner

  Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills

      Understanding of the impact of historical events on the world we live in today.

Diversity and Inclusion:

      We implement a curriculum that recognises and celebrates the diverse history of the world and the contributions of all cultures to the world.

      The curriculum, including topics are chosen and adapted carefully to promote inclusivity and to challenge stereotypes and biases in an appropriate way.

      Students will learn about the experiences of different cultural groups, including Indigenous peoples, and the impact of historical events on these groups.

    Our history curriculum is intended to be inclusive and relevant to all students, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or culture.

To learn more about how History is taught in each year group, please visit our class pages and look at the medium term planning, or look at the pupil voice surveys and photographs of History being taught throughout the school.

Please also take a moment to look at some of the books that we are reading across the school to support our learning.

Take a look at how we learn about History here at Rocks Park, either in school or on class trips:

History National Curriculum.pdf
History progression of Skills with concepts.pdf