Senco - Tracie Light, email:

Tracie will be in school on Thursday and Friday, or available by appointment.

On this page you can find details of our SEN policy and Accessibility Plan.

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If you would like support to eat well and get more active as a family, come and join Healthy Habits for a free, fun 8 week programme running at a venue near you as well as online.

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For support at each stage along the neurodevelopmental pathway to help families manage the challenges that children and young people face. This service is for families in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.

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CLASS+ welcome you back and invite you to join us for live Coffee and Chats we are hosting around the county. This is an opportunity for parents and carers to explore anything around the theme of Autism. This coffee and chat is for parents of children that have a diagnosis of Autism or for parents whose children are on the pathway towards a diagnosis. There is no need to book for our live events and your child does not need to be attending the school that is hosting the event.

The event is designed for Parents and Carers and should not be attended by professionals. We also ask that children are not brought to the event as we do not have insurance to cover this. Any questions about any of these CLASS+ events or anything related to CLASS+ please contact

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Special educational needs & disabilities in East Sussex- what needs to happen now and in the next three years to make the biggest difference? Have your say:


East Sussex is working to move to a Neurodevelopmental (ND) Pathway, rather than separate Autism, ADHD and Learning Disability pathways. This document is a useful guide to what help is available if you live in East Sussex and have concerns about your child.

Is getting the day started in the mornings harder this winter?

The CLASS+ team has created some helpful tips on how to ease anxiety around morning routines in a quick video you can watch tonight ahead of tomorrow morning.

A few of their tips include:

  • Let your child know about any upcoming changes

  • Give them time for processing and thinking

  • Use music as audio cues and a fun timer for each task

There are many more ideas and tips to help make the mornings easier:

Sometimes, a busy day at school can have a knock-on effect for anxiety later in the day.

The CLASS+ team has created some helpful tips on how to ease anxiety around after school and evening routines in a quick 4 minute video.

A few of their tips include:

➡ Encourage your child to change when they get home from school

➡ Use visuals and verbal reminders

➡ Create a soothing environment

There are many more ideas and tips here:


Link to the Local Prospectus for Special Educational Needs in East Sussex :

East Sussex Local Offer


The newly formed East Sussex Parent Carer Forum is now providing the voice at strategic level for the parent carers of East Sussex. This is an immense achievement and down to the hard work of a small group of parents who are passionate about representing the views of ALL parent carers in East Sussex.

The role of the parent carer forum is to voice the views of parent carers in East Sussex. This is about all children’s disabilities and all special educational needs.

There are many roles parent carers can get involved in. There are many focus groups helping to shape the services in East Sussex that parent carers can be part of. Parent carers, will be trained and supported to sit on panels at strategic level, representing the views of wider parent carers in East Sussex and feeding back to the parent carer forum. There are many support groups in East Sussex that you can join and feedback into via your group.

Parent Carer Forums are not places to voice your own child’s needs, they are places to come together to represent all of us, no matter the needs of our children / young people, or whichever education/ health/ social care setting they are in. If this sounds of interest to you, then feel free to sign up and let’s get our collective voices heard.

So, if you have the passion to get parent carers views represented in East Sussex then please visit website and complete the membership details.

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