In preparation for our celebration of National Poetry Day, we were lucky enough to have a visit from professional performance poet Kay Walton Smith. Kay shared some of her amazing work with us and even sang one of her beautiful songs. We are eager to see how her visit inspires Rocks Park's own home-grown poets.

Uckfield Carnival September 2023

Well done to our fantastic team who won first place in the Uckfield Carnival Children's Fancy Dress Procession.

Dance Festival 2023


What a fabulous end to this term - our annual Christmas concert. Thank you to all of the children for their amazing performances.
We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas! See you in the New Year.

Decorations Day 2022! Great to have you back after a three year wait!! Thanks for all of your help.

The annual ‘we decorated the festival tree’ pic! This year due to the timing of decorations day, special decorations were kindly made by Reception, Year 3 and Year 6.

Some fabulous performances from all of the children at the Harvest Festival today. Well done everyone. Thanks to your generosity we also raised £156 for Uckfield Food Bank.

What a great start to the new school year across all the classes. As well as lots of hard work, there has been porridge tasting, pizza making, footballing, skateboarding and scootering, farming and just general settling in for our new Hedgehogs Class. Well done everyone!

All through the term the children collect coloured tokens for good work. At the end of the school year they are counted up. Here are this year's totals:

Yellow Team 1350 tokens
Red Team 1358 tokens
Green team 1402 tokens
and this year's winners - the Blue team with 1661 tokens which means that they have completed the double this year as they also won the trophy on Sports Day.

Rocks Park school received a new sports day trophy after the original 43 year old trophy is retired due to damage. The new trophy was organised by Tesco community champion Robert Muggeridge and supplied by the Kevin Curtis of The Soleman. The new trophy was presented to year 6 students and members of this year's winning Blue Oak Team.

Some fabulous costumes for World Book Day this year. Well done everybody.

Scarlett and Izzy from Year 5 have been fundraising for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. They have been selling these beautiful handmade ladybirds for just £1 each and they managed to raise £75. The ladybirds were made in Zimbabwe. Well done girls. You can find out more about the sanctuary here:

2021 Rocks Park Primary School Trek Around The World 

Uckfield is on the 50th line of latitude and back in January, we decided to walk virtually along that line in an easterly direction around the world. It’s only taken us 14 weeks – and we have walked, scooted, cycled, skipped and hopped a grand total of 26,170kms!


In the past few weeks we have 'visited' Kiev, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Russia, islands in the north Pacific Ocean, Canada, Newfoundland and we have now crossed the Atlantic Ocean to return home. Wow, I’m tired and ready for a rest. You can read the whole story here and watch the video for some amazing photos of your treks.

Well done everyone and thank you for taking part in our great adventure

Trek Story.pdf